Honey Bee Information

Honey Bee Conservation and Education  Organizations

  • The vanEngelsdorp Honey Bee Lab
    • The University of Maryland’s honey bee lab.
    • Please click here for frequently asked questions about honey bee health.
  • Bee Informed Partnership
    • This organization focuses on data collection from beekeepers across the country on the pests and diseases afflicting their colonies to provide better management tactics.
  • Honey Bee Health Coalition 
    • A collaborative coalition that aims to improve honey bee health by addressing multiple factors influencing bee health, including hive pests and disease, forage and nutrition, and exposure to crop pesticides.
  • North America Pollinator Protection Campaign 
    • This is an organization that works to collect data on pollinators across North America while promoting pollinator conservation through agency collaboration and public awareness.
  • Pollinator Partnership 
    • This is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of pollinators and their habitats.
  • eXtension
    • An information-based website full of research knowledge provided by land-grant universities.
  • Project Apis m. 
    • This is an organization focused on funding honey bee research to improve honey bee health and enhance agricultural production.

Beekeeping Organizations

  • MD State Beekeepers Association
    • A non-profit organization that has been dedicated to the advancement of beekeeping and the improvement of beekeeping skills in Maryland since 1908.
  • DC Beekeepers Alliance
    • A non-profit association of beekeepers in Washington DC. The organization is dedicated to honey bee health and beekeeper education in the Nation’s Capital since 2010.
  • American Beekeeping Federation
    • This is a national organization that provides educational resources for many facets of beekeeping. They work towards open communication and cooperation with the public and any other organization that will help further the preservation of honey bees.
  • American Honey Producers Association
    • This website provides information regarding honey production with the United States.
  • Apiary Inspectors of America 
    • This is a professional organization that works to uphold apiary laws that help suppress honey bee diseases across the nation and better the management of honey bees. Information regarding state laws and annual meetings are available on this website.

Government Agencies

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