Colony Management Services

The Bee Squad offers management services for those who wish to have bee colonies on their property. In addition to management, we will also collect information on your hives that will help to contribute to our understanding of beekeeping in your geographic area. We will use this information to develop best management practices to help reduce colony loss.

For more information on the program please contact us to set up a consultation.

Program Requirements

  • You purchase the bees and equipment (we can provide assistance)
  • A location for the hive approved by a Bee Squad team member
  • A place to store extra equipment accessible to Bee Squad personnel

Service fees and equipment cost

Management Services

  • Corporate
    • First colony annual cost – $1,500
    • Addition colonies- $400 (each)
  • Family
    • First colony annual cost – $1,200
    • Additional colonies- $400 (each)

Additional Cost

  • Basic hive setup (if you would like us to provide a hive for you)
    • $500
  • Additional supers and honey bottling
    • Inquire for cost

Sentinel Apiary Program

The Bee Squad is partnering with the Bee Informed Partnership to offer participants the opportunity to increase the information their hive provides by enrolling in the Sentinel Apiary program. You will need a minimum of 4 hives to participate. You can lean more about the program here!


  • 4 colonies – $275
  • 8 colonies- $499

Pricing (at cost) includes all materials needed to take samples, as well as labor to process your samples in  our diagnostics lab. We highly recommend sampling 8 colonies, and using a hive scale to provide the most robust data; however, hive scales are optional. Click here to learn more about compatible hive scale options.

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